In this section I would like to give other street photographers around the world the opportunity to present themselves.

It is particularly important for me that the reader learns why we do what we do.

So if you feel addressed, write a few lines about yourself and send them with 2-3 pictures to me.

Note: Each photographer is responsible for the correctness of his submissions (text, images, links).

Eric Davidove - USA

Why street photography?

Because shooting photos on the street takes me to new places or to see familiar places in a new light, introduces me to fascinating people and their life stories,

and provides a challenging opportunity to quickly adjust my camera
to decisive moments and various light settings.

What do you think makes a good street photo? 
A good street photo will grab and keep your attention, is memorable,

causes you to become curious and to ask yourself questions about the storyline,
and elicits an emotional response.

Which equipment do you use? 
Sony a6500 with a 35mm equivalent prime lens and 24mm-105mm

equivalent telephoto lens.

What has street photography taught you? 
Street photography has taught me about the importance of context in order to more effectively illustrate the storyline or message, to anticipate and find the decisive or interesting moments that are normally invisible to most people, and how to quickly and effectively use my camera for a variety of situations.

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Alex Coghe - Mexico


To get to know myself through the exploration of the world around me.


When you can make converge in a frame content and form. Important thing to clarify in these bloody years: street photography is unstated and unposed.


Digital: Fujifilm X100S, Fujifilm X-E2 with 18mm (equivalent 28mm) and Leica X2. But I am a Fujifilm ambassador so sometimes I use other cameras. Film: Olympus Stylus Epic, Nikon AF 35.


Everyday Street Photography teaches me something. I consider it a gymnasium to be a better photographer, because if many people think is just a genre, I think is an approach and a mindset that we can apply to other genres of photography as I do also when busy as commercial photographer.











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Tejal Mewar - India

My name is Tejal Mewar. I am primarily a government officer involved in exports promotion of textiles, living in Gujarat, India.
I started photography as a hobby in 2014.

I have Canon 1100D with 18-55 & 55-250 mm kit lenses. I am a self-taught photographer.
Observing good photographs on various photography related forums and publications has helped me a lot develop my own style.
Every day I am learning something new. And this process is endless.

I like capturing candid moments on streets of the people and their life, and have also got interest in nature and fine art photography.
For me, anything I find unique or amazing for my vision can make me stop and click. In street there is no stage setting, no rehearsals.
One has to keep the eyes open, mind alert, raise camera, aim and click at the right moment.

Some of my work has been recognized at national and international levels.
My photographs have been showcased a number of times, and have been published worldwide. Photography has brought quite a lot of changes in my life. My attitude towards life has changed. It has brought lot of positivity in my life.
My self-confidence has increased a lot. I have become more patient. And more over I have also realized that, all the people in this world are good, only they have different points of view.

I really love photography. It is keeping me happy from inside and taking me away from every worry of my life.
It takes me somewhere that I have never been to.

It helps me preserve these beautiful moments of life.
All I want to say is: Camera is a wondrous tool that you may freeze beautiful moments of life with. And I am so glad I learned this.

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Adriano Cascio - Italy

Hello everyone, my name is Adriano Cascio.

I was born in Catania in 1967 and I live in Rapallo, a small town near Genoa. Start over twenty years ago as a self-taught and over time I attended courses and workshops. In these years dedicated to photography, I have made some experiences among the various photographic genres, with particular interest in street photography. In 2015, he joined ISP - Italian Street Photography, an authorial project of Italian photographers who practice and deal with street photography. Thanks to various personal activities, I am included by Street Hunters, the leading organization for Street Photography, in the short list of the 20 most influential street photographers of the year 2016.


The historian and critic of photography Pippo Pappalardo writes about me:

"His way of photographing, apparently instinctive and immediate, in fact, is the instrument of searching for a space and a time for what he likes to define the photographic soul. Through photography, it leads on itself, a real psychological investigation ". Many will wonder why I do Street Photography and not landscape photography ... well, all very simple. In fact I like to observe people, what transpires from their looks and their simple gestures, I like to transform, through photography, the ordinary in extraordinary.

"I'm obsessed and I enjoy watching people, everywhere .... Everything manifests itself as a show, watching people in everyday life is like going to see a circus performance "


I am convinced that you do not have to live in a big city to make a good Street Photography, but you have to develop the ability to see and show to others, so the ordinary becomes extraordinary even at home. Now you're wondering what camera to use when I go out to take photos of Street ?? My street photography sessions are accompanied by my inseparable Fuji X70 camera, compact and lightweight but with "great" performances!

The Fuji X70 is a compact digital camera with 18.5mm f / 2.8 Fuji lens (equivalent to 28mm on the street !!), X-Trans APS-C CMOS II sensor, EXR II processor image processor and display tactile that can rotate 180 degrees to take photos from above or below; Wifi and touch-screen ... .what do you want more ???

Also when I go out for my street sessions are always very light (even very light) because I walk a lot and then I have a bag (not photographic), camera, sd cards, batteries (many) ... in short, the necessary in addition to very comfortable shoes of course. I often take with me a GoPro Hero 4 (which I've never used for street but never sis !!).


I'd like to tell you a lot more but I do not think that's the case ... so I'll just tell you what I've learned so far from Street Photography: 

"I love human beings and in the street I do not just photograph him, I often listen to him and I only watch him, I think I learned so much from people on the street ... my eye is trained but I could take street photos even with my eyes closed !! " 

See you in the street beautiful people !!!

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